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Goetze KG Armaturen - Safety Valves

Safety valves and Pressure reducing valves


Safety valves and fittings for clean utilities.

The competence of Goetze KG Armaturen has been in demand for 70 years. Our wealth of experience is as broad and varied as our areas of application for our high-performance fittings. Our well thought-out family of products covers every industrial application: Liquids of all kinds, gases, technical vapours and steam. Goetze valves are used with temperatures ranging from -200°C up to 400°C and the greatest possible safety is a priority. The valves are primarily used to control processes and systems in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The suitability of the medium ranges for air, neutral and non-neutral vapours and gases, steam and liquids.

Goetze Hygienic Valves

Particularly high demands are placed on systems in the food and pharmaceutical industries with regard to the cleanability of the surfaces in contact with the medium. The valves in the Goetze Hygienic series are constructed in compliance with the construction features of hygienic 

design. This includes smooth, fault-free and optimal surfaces for cleaning, minimum dead space, no gaps and lots of other details. Difficult to clean components are protected against impurities with stainless steel bellows. Goetze hygienic and aseptic safety valves offer a wide range of options and are based on standards and guidelines (DIN 11866, ASME BPE (Bioprocessing Equipment), EN 1672-2, DIN ISO 14159, USP class VI and FDA 21 CFR).

Easy and quick maintenance

Hygienic valves are characterised by their simple and quick maintenance. Maintenance of the hygienic valves can easily carried-out in an installed position. The simple construction allows the operator to carry-out a required and necessary exchange of the seal with a few simple steps. The Goetze valve can be disassembled and cleaned in just a few simple steps. This can be done without either removal of the valve from the plant nor destruction of the setting seal. Cleaning and Sterilisation in place (CIP and SIP) is very easy. It is also possible to partially disassemble the valve for cleaning. 


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