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Clamping wedge ring fittings, 2-way high pressure ball valve and high-purity high-pressure memembrane valvee

Hikelok® has a wide range of products including instrument valves and fittings, ultra-high pressure products, ultra-high purity products, process valves, vacuum products, pre-installation systems and tool accessories. Hikelok® instrumentations valves include ball valves, cone valves, needle valves, bellows valves, metering valves, check valves, proportional pressure relief valves, gauge valves, manifolds, vent and purge valves, check and vent valves, diaphragm valves, root valves, ball valves, air collectors and filters.

Ventile_Hikelok_Techclamp AG

Compression wedge ring fittings, high-pressure ball valves, regulating and shut-off valves, metering and needle valves, process coupling valves (DBB), diaphragm valves, bellows valves, atomic layer sedimentation valves, valve blocks,

2-way high pressure ball valve, corner needle valve

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