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Sterile pharmaceutical dosing pump for Bosch filling machine.jpg
CIP SIP Sterile dosing pump for Bausch+Stroebel Syringes filling machine.jpg
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MPA Italy S.r.l


High-precision dosing systems and filling needles for pharmaceutical liquids and powders

MPA S.r.l. is an Italian company that manufactures top quality special parts and pre-assembled units for the pharmaceutical, nautical, cosmetic and food industries.

MPA S.r.l. offers the requested products with all types of surface and heat treatments, as well as special coatings. The company manufactures according to specifications or samples and can assist you iin the supply of sample or detail drawings based on assembled units and in the design of different types of automatisms. The requested products are laser-marked on customer request and specific certifications are also provided.

MPA S.r.l. manufactures mechanical components and special parts using the following materials:

Titanium, stainless steel (AISI 316L-AISI 304-AISI 303), aluminum and its alloys,

Non-ferrous materials such as brass and bronze, plastics (delrin, arnit, polyethylene, peek, etc.) and special steel.


  • Long-standing experience in the sector

  • Innovative equipment and machinery

  • Use of choice raw materials

Filter housing for sterile pharmaceutical liquids machines.jpg
Pharmaceutical Aseptic Pump for IMA Farmomac syringes filling machine.jpg
Pharmaceutical ceramic dosing pump for PTFE tube with removable connections for Bosch fill
Filling needle for Optima Pharma vials machine with anti foam tip.jpg
Nitrogen filling needle for Groninger Pharmaceutical Machine.jpg
Sterilizable plastic peek filling needle for Bosch machine FDA approved.jpg

More information, brochures and technical data sheets are available directly from:

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Techclamp AG
Bodenäckerstrasse 1
8957 Spreitenbach
Tel. +41 44 599 10 51

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