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Concentric Reducers / Concentric Reduction

Cone reduction concentric DIN 11850

Concentric Reducers

DIN 11850

DIN 32676 Series A

Cone reduction concentric ISO 1127

Concentric Reducers

ISO 1127

DIN 32676 Series B

Cone reduction concentric ASME BPE

Concentric Reducers


DIN 32676 Series C

The Techclamp Concentric Reducers meet the numerous international sanitary standards required (DIN32676 Series A, B, C / DIN 11850, ISO1127, ASME BPE-BS4825) and approvals, which are manufactured to the highest standards and is delivered with a certificate of compliance as well as traceability.

Standard material:

Concentric Reduction, Concentric Reducers in 1.4404/316L 

As option: 

Concentric Reduction, Concentric Reducers in 1.4435 BN2 according to EN 10088, Hastelloy C22 and electropolished available.

Specialized also for special parts, special dimensions or special materials.

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