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Tri-Clamp Gaskets / Tri-Clamp Gaskets DIN 32676

Tri-Clamp Dichtungen

Tri-Clamp Gaskets

DIN 11850

DIN 32676 Series A


Tri-Clamp Gaskets

ISO 1127

DIN 32676 Series B

Tri-Clamp Dichtungen

Tri-Clamp Gaskets


DIN 32676 Series C

Tri-Clamp Dichtungen

The Techclamp Tri-Clamp Gaskets meet the numerous international sanitary standards required (DIN32676 Series A, B, C / DIN 11850, ISO1127, ASME BPE-BS4825) and approvals, which are manufactured to the highest standards and is delivered with a certificate of compliance as well as traceability.

Standard material:

Tri-Clamp Gaskets Viton, Tri-Clamp Gaskets Silicone, Tri-Clamp Gaskets EPDM, Tri-Clamp Gaskets Teflon envelope (with Viton Filler),

Tri-Clamp Gaskets PTFE

As Option: 

Tri-Clamp Gaskets Tuf-Steel®, Tri-Clamp Gaskets Tuf-Flex®, Tri-Clamp Gaskets Gylon, Tri-Clamp Gaskets Kalrez®, 

Specialized also for special parts, special dimensions or special materials.


Incl. Certificate of conformity FDA-21 CFR 177.2600 for Elastomers

Incl. Certificate of conformity FDA-21 CFR 177.1550 for PTFE

Incl. USP Class VI

Free of BSE/TSE

Free of Animal derived Ingredients (ADI free)

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