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Tri-Clamp Clamps

Tri-Clamp S-Typ Klammer


S-Type Clamp

Tri-Clamp SH-Typ Klammer


SH-Type Clamp

Tri-Clamp SH-Typ Sicherheitsklammer


SH-Type Safety Clamp

Tri-Clamp SH-Typ Klammer doppelt verschraubt



Double Bolted Clamp

Tri-Clamp SSH-Typ


SSH-Type Clamp

Tri-Clamp  3 Segment-Typ Klammer  ​


3-Segments-Type Clamp

The Techclamp Tri-Clamp Clamps, Tri-Clamp S-Type Clamp, Tri-Clamp SH-Type Clamp, Tri-Clamp SH-Safety Clamp,  Tri-Clamp SH-Type Double Bolted Clamp, Tri-Clamp SSH-Type Clamp and Tri-Clamp 3-Segments-Type Clamp are available in versions with wing nuts or

hexagon nuts.  The preferred areas of application are the pharmaceutical and biotech, food, beverage, chemical, cosmetics industries, filter and water treatment technology.

Standard material:

Tri-Clamp Clamps (Stainless Steel Clamps) in AISI 316L/1.4401 and SS 304/1.4301

Single-Pin Clamps and Double-Pin Clamps (Stainless Steel Clamps) in AISI 316L/1.4401 and SS 304/1.4301

Valid standards:

DIN 32676 Series A, B, C

DIN 11850, ISO1127, ASME BPE-BS4825

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